What Could Be Lurking Under Your Home

termite controlQuick question: when was the last time you checked out your home’s crawl space?

While venturing into a dark, cramped crawl space may not sound all that pleasant, it’s important that you—or an inspector, contractor or other professional—know what might be lurking down there. Or more accurately, what might be thriving and having a feast on the structure of your home down there.

When many people think about pests in their crawl space, they may envision something furry like a rodent or perhaps even a gopher or a skunk. But it’s the much smaller pests you should worry about because they can be far more destructive. At least, if those pests happen to be termites. These tiny terrors can cause serious damage to your property—perhaps even to the point where it creates a safety hazard.

Termites generally live underground, so checking out your crawl space is a good place to start when trying to find any sign of possible termite problems. Look for swarms of the pests, or signs of structural damage or chewing. Should you spot any red flags, it’s important to launch a termite control and elimination strategy immediately, before any further damage happens.

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