Plants Enlist Aid from Birds for Pest Control

pest control productsIt seems many of us may have underestimated the resourcefulness of a seemingly helpless plant. A new study seems to indicate that plants have a clever tactic that can help protect them from invading insects.

The study’s findings show that when trees or plants are under attack from insects, they can emit certain scents that attract birds. The birds in turn then gobble up many of the plants-munching bugs.

However, if you are battling an insect infestation—especially if the problem is inside your home, where you are unlikely to have many trees or birds available—you may not want to rely on this chain of events to solve your problem.

A much quicker and more reliable strategy would be to use a carefully planned attack involving one or more effective insecticide products. At ePest, we have a huge variety of pest control products that can solve any type of insect problem you may have—no birds required.

Monica Bird (949 Posts)

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