Beware of Bugs Trying to Hibernate in Your Home

Bed BugsThis is the time of year when insects start making their plans for the winter. Some species tend to be “snowbirds,” meaning they migrate to warmer areas during the winter season. But many other types of insects—such as ladybugs and stink bugs—simply seek out a warm place to hunker down for the winter. Ideally, they want someplace warm and dry. In other words, someplace like your house, which is cozy and warm (and, as a bonus, likely contains lots of potential food sources in case the bugs get hungry).

The ideal solution is to prevent these shelter-seeking bugs from getting into your home in the first place. Checking for vulnerable spots that are likely points of entry is a good first step, as is sealing gaps around doors and windows.

However, if a group of winterizing insects does manage to make their way into your home, you want to nip the infestation in the bud immediately or you’ll be dealing with these annoying houseguests until spring. Baits can be a good place to start, but sometimes this is less effective in winter because hibernating insects tend to eat less (or not at all) and thus may be less likely to consume the bait. Another option is to use an insecticide spray or dust that kills on contact, so that you can get immediate results, regardless of the insects’ appetite.

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