Unseasonably Warm Weather Leads to Confused Bugs

confused bugsA warm stretch of weather extending later into fall than usual may be welcome by many people—but there may also be some insect-related downsides that most of us probably won’t be too happy about.

As this article notes, an upswing in temperatures in some areas that are experiencing unseasonably warm weather for this time of year has led to insects getting confused. They had been preparing to go dormant during the cold season, but have now been lured out of hibernation by the warm weather.

This has led to a surge in business for exterminators, as they field calls from frustrated and flustered homeowners who find themselves plagued with unexpected insect problems at a time of year when they can usually relax and forget about bug issues.

It’s a good lesson that, when it comes to anything involving Mother Nature, you can never let your guard down or take it for granted that things will happen according to a predictable schedule.

That’s why it’s a good idea to always have a supply of effective bug control products on hand, all year round. Fortunately, ePest Solutions has a wide variety of insecticide products that you can receive quickly, to help you banish any confused bugs who may be hanging around your home.

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