Need an Ant Killer? No Need to Take Extreme Steps

Recently, several media outlets ran stories about an Oregon woman who keeps two anteaters as pets. She dresses the pair of exotic mammals in sweaters, and they sleep in a makeshift burrow in her washing machine during the day. At night, they go on patrol for insects.

While these unusual pets may be effective insect-hunters, they also present many issues such as causing damage to property and tolerating their less than ideal hygiene habits. Suffice it to say, they aren’t likely to give dogs and cats much competition as a popular household pet.

If you want to solve your insect problems, there’s no need to go to such drastic measures. There are lots of more convenient tools for catching (or repelling) insects that can work just as well. ePest has a large inventory of ant killer insecticides and pest repellants of all types, so you can be sure to find some that meet your needs.

Monica Bird (949 Posts)

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