Ladybugs Head Indoors in Fall

Control LadybugsLadybugs tend to seek shelter indoors when the weather starts to get colder. This means that many homeowners in the northeast and other cooler regions may have suddenly started noticing an invasion of ladybugs right about now.

The insects that often plague homes around this time of year are often a species that is actually known as an Asian lady beetle—but to homeowners, the name is irrelevant. The important thing is that these bugs are suddenly overtaking your home. They can arrive in large numbers, and aren’t just annoying—they can also have an odor, and have been known to bite (generally only slightly painful, although some people have a sensitivity to these bites).

If your house has become the “winter retreat” for a colony of ladybugs, you probably won’t be happy to hear that these pests plan to be your guests all winter. Fortunately, ePest has a large variety of products by major brands such as MaxForce that are effective at fighting ladybugs as well as numerous other pests that may invade your home during fall and winter.

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