DrainGel Keeps Your Drains Free of Pest-Attracting Materials


Let’s face it, drains aren’t exactly pleasant places. This is especially true in restaurants, hospitals and other commercial locations, but even your average home can have quite a lot of “gunk” in their drains. This organic material is the remnants of food and other substances that have been poured down the drain.

This material—and the odors it produces—may not be very appealing to us humans, but it’s nearly irresistible to fruit flies and other annoying pests. That’s why drains are such a common breeding spot for insects.

To make your drains less of an insect hangout, you need to eliminate all of this organic material. But simply rinsing the drain with hot water, or even cleaners and detergents, generally isn’t very effective. Instead, you should try DrainGel. This highly concentrated gel clings to the sides of drains and pipes, so it can break down the organic materials contained there. (It also works well in other non-drain areas, such as cracks and crevices.)

Not only will DrainGel make your drains less appealing to pests, but it can also prevent the unpleasant odors these materials can cause.

Learn more about DrainGel here.

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