How Mouse Traps Can Help Protect Your Health

mouse trapsMany people find mice to be frightening and unnerving—and possibly even creepy or disgusting. But they may not realize that mice can also pose a serious health hazard. Mice carry many diseases and can spread bacteria, germs and other nasty things.

Several serious diseases are linked to rodents, but perhaps the biggest health threat from mice is hantavirus, a life-threatening disease that is spread through mice and mouse droppings.

Contact with or exposure to mice or their droppings can put you at risk of this disease. People often become infected when cleaning attics, basements or other areas where mouse droppings may be prevalent.

Hantavirus can cause shortness of breath—a sign that fluid is building up in the lungs. Unfortunately, that can often have deadly consequences. The CDC says hantavirus has a mortality rate of 38%.

Obviously, the best way to protect yourself against this deadly disease is to avoid coming into contact with the mice that spread it. That’s why good mouse traps are such a valuable and worthwhile investment. Not only do they get rid of any existing mice, but as a result they also prevent them from breeding and creating even more potential disease carriers.

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