Flea Control Especially Important in Hot Weather

flea controlFor many of us, there are a lot of great things about summer. But one thing that isn’t so great is the risk that we and our pets may find ourselves plagued by itchy flea bites.

Fleas tend to be most active in hot weather. (And even though summer may seem like it’s quickly coming to an end, in many areas of the country, the temperatures are still high and likely will be for quite some time.) As this article notes, flea season has hit many regions very hard this summer. And because eggs can lay dormant for a while before they seem to suddenly explode into a full infestation, you often don’t realize you have a problem until you already have tons of fleas.

That’s why prevention is your best weapon. But even if you’ve waited a little too long, you’re not out of luck. There are some effective products that can eliminate your flea probably quickly. ePest offers many options for flea control that can get rid of even the most challenging summer infestations.

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