Pantry Moth Traps: Safe, Cheap, and Extremely Effective

Far too many people have grabbed some of their favorite garments of clothing after a long season of not being able to wear them only to discover that they’ve been destroyed by moths.  Several of these people have undoubtedly seen pantry moth traps in local stores and online, but most don’t fully understand how they work.  This leads many people to simply try other methods of ridding themselves of the pests, but in reality, moth traps aren’t difficult to understand.

Pantry Moth Trap Mechanisms

Insect light traps do wonders at capturing moths, but they’re really not the best traps to use in a pantry or closet area.  Luckily, pantry moth traps are just as effective.  These traps can be hung up, thus making it easy for moths to fly into them and be stuck forever.  The adhesive in the trap has a pheromone scent that attracts moths.

The insides of these traps are NON-TOXIC, so they present no threat to anyone or anything in a household other than the pests that fly into them.  Once these traps are full, they can simply be thrown away.

Are there Different Types of Pantry Moth Traps?

The majority of pantry moth traps come in typical triangle cardboard shapes that are easily hung in pantries.  There are other glue boards, however, that come in various scents, such as cherry and chocolate, that can attract moths by simply being set on a shelf.  Additionally, flysticks can be hung up to catch the pests as well.  A flystick, however, works best when hung by the closet or pantry light.

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