No Implants to Kill Carpenter Ants, Their Death Can Be All Natural

Most people have experienced an ant infestation at one point, and many of these individuals have known the annoyance of carpenter ants.  Those who don’t wish to use dangerous chemicals in or around their home may be wondering how to kill carpenter ants in the most natural way possible, and luckily for them, there are quite a few ways.  A person’s plan of action will depend largely on where the ants are.

Killing Carpenter Ants Outside of the Home

It would be ideal if a person was able to kill carpenter ants before they made their way into a home.  One way of doing this is to pour soda water onto the ant hill.  This liquid will suffocate the carpenter ants, but it’s important to note that one treatment may not be sufficient.  This may need to continue over a few consecutive days to be effective.

Using soda water can turn into an annoyance due to the need for repeat application.  Sadly, there is no set rule on how many times it will take.  Luckily, there are many types of eco-friendly products, ranging from desiccant dust to granules that can be used on ant hills to take the pests out before they become an issue.

Killing Carpenter Ants Inside the Home

Unfortunately, once carpenter ants enter the home, it becomes necessary to kill them at their nest outside and take out the ones who have made it indoors.  The aforementioned tips will still work to take the nest out, but there are also aerosol sprays, many of which are designated by America’s EPA as “botanical insecticides.”  These sprays will go a long way in taking out ants without contaminating a home.

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