Natural Mosquito Repellent: It’s Not Just Citronella Candles Anymore

In a world where people are starting to worry about the effects that they’re having on the environment around them, many individuals have started to focus on buying natural products.  When it comes to mosquitoes, however, many wonder if there’s any such thing as a natural mosquito repellent.  It would seem as if chemicals would be needed to dissuade these pests, but in reality, there are several methods of naturally getting rid of mosquitoes.

Natural Yard Treatment Mosquito Repellents

Most people know about the typical citronella candles that can keep mosquitoes at bay, and these candles work very well in close quarters.  Many homeowners would benefit, however, if they could find a method of repelling the pests that was as natural as citronella but reached even further.  Luckily, such products do exist.

There are actually all-natural products that come in the form of granules.  These granules can be strewn throughout a yard and are made from all-natural oils.  These treatments will achieve the same dissuading power of citronella candles on a yard-wide scale.

Natural Mosquito Sprays

Mosquito repellent doesn’t have to be in the form of candles or granules; there are actually numerous types of sprays that are natural as well.  There are hand-held sprays that are made from 100% natural materials which can be used in kennels, out on patios, and in the yard as well.

For those looking for wider reaching products, mosquito foggers can be sprayed around an entire yard quickly, and there are even electronic devices that take out the human factor of spraying.  Luckily, earth-friendly chemicals can be used in these foggers as well.

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