Mosquito Foggers for Pest Control Bloggers

MosquitoThere’s no doubt that a mosquito fogger can do wonders for getting rid of those disease-carrying pests.  Unfortunately, these nuisances can show up out of nowhere and there may be no time to have professionals come out.  Luckily, anyone who is prepared can handle their own mosquito fogging without any serious work.

Foggers without the Fogger

Most people probably think about the city trucks that drive by every so often spraying mist into the air when they think of foggers.  While sprays and mists emanating from machines are one way to go about this, it’s important to realize that there are others.

There are actually products that contain granules, known as mosquito larvicides,  that can simply be spread throughout a yard.  These granules will release insect growth regulators, basically just like a fogger, except these regulators will prevent mosquitoes from even developing into a problem.

Getting the Real Fogging Going

For those who want to feel like they’re doing more than laying out granules and waiting, there are actually several types of fogger chemicals that can be used in everything from hand-held to backpack fogging systems.  A homeowner can fully control where they treat with these.

In addition, for those who want to handle mosquitoes without doing all of the work themselves, mosquito fogging chemicals can also be combined with automated foggers and misters.  These foggers can simply be set out where pests are becoming a problem, and then it’s as easy as leaving the device to do all of the work itself.

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