How to Use Carpenter Ant Bait and the Different Types Available

AntsCarpenter ants are among some of the most bothersome pests that can find their way into a home.  Carpenter ant bait can attract these little nuisances in an effort to have them take poison back to their nest, effectively killing off the entire colony.  It’s important, however, to know how to properly use different types of baits.  Having the right bait and using it correctly can easily rid a home of these insects.

Using Ant Bait Gels

One of the most popular ways of getting rid of carpenter ants is by using bait gels.  These products usually come in little tubes that look like syringes.  Use is as simple as squeezing the plunger into the tube, but it’s important to know where this gel should be applied.

While it’s important to read all of the instructions on a gel tube, the majority of them will recommend applying a layer of gel in crevices, cracks, and any other hard-to-reach place in a home (usually corners, edges of molding, etc.).  There are, however, several other types of carpenter ant baits on the market.

Other Carpenter Ant Baits

Another popular type of ant bait comes in the form of granules or powders.  These baits can be sprinkled around a home or in interior areas that ants are using to access the home.

Additionally, there are ant bait arenas which come in little bait bags that can simply be laid out wherever an ant problem exists.  These baits are popular because they leave no nasty residue or the need for cleaning.

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