How and Why Fly Bait Really Works in Killing Flies

Fly Bait, killing flies, fly traps, pest control, do it yourself pest control,, epest solutionsHumans have always had to deal with the nuisance of flying insects, but few fail to reach the level of annoyance that the common fly does.  Not only can these pests carry diseases, but they often make our faces feel like fly bait since they seem to always want to fly near them.  Luckily, there are actually fly bait products out there that can rid a person of their fly problem.  Many homeowners, however, don’t really understand if or how fly bait actually works, but honestly, it’s quite simple to understand.

How Does Bait Kill a Fly?

Everyone knows how a traditional “bug zapper” kills flies:  it simply zaps them, and they’re dead.  Fly bait obviously doesn’t do this, but the big reason people purchase fly bait is that it kills flies without the loud zapping of an electrified bug followed by the dropping of their bodies.

Fly bait usually involves a glue board.  When flies fall for this bait, they become stuck in these traps and can easily be disposed of at a later time.

What Attracts Flies to Bait?

Many people are left wondering what would actually attract a fly to this type of bait.  There are, in fact, several ways.  Some fly traps use a UV light as an attraction to bring flies into the traps.  Additionally, many of these “fly lights” will also have glue boards with pheromones and sugar instilled in them.

With these types of baits to tempt flies to their final fates, a home can be pest free in a short amount of time.

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