Enemy or Friend? How to Get Rid of Spiders – the Unconventional Pest

Spider, Spider Control, Getting Rid of Spiders, Spider spray, pest control, do it yourself pest control, epestsolutions.com, epest solutionsGetting rid of spiders is a paradoxical issue – as much as spiders can scare some of us, they are highly helpful when it comes to controlling nuisance insect populations. Without spiders, the outdoors might just be a sea of gnats.

There ARE situations where spiders are just no fun. Black Widow spiders and brown recluse spiders present a real risk to humans and – if you live in an area known to have them – there are easy practices for avoidance.

If brown recluse spiders are an issue in your area, always remember to shake out your shoes or clothes when they have been on the floor, especially after they have been in a closet for a while. This may sound silly, but they like dark, quiet, reclusive spots and losing a toe is no silly matter.

Black Widow spiders like to be near water. They will set up shop on a leaky hose spigot and go to town. Be sure to fasten hoses on tightly and repair leaks.

What if I Find a Spider I do not Like?

Whatever your reason for wanting a spider dead (venom, irrational fear, etc.), there are options beyond the simple stomp. Spiders can be elusive, which is why we have CB-80 Extra Aerosol insecticide spray.  

It will get the job done AND give you peace of mind – for some of us, that can be HUGE.

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