Does Maxforce Fly Bait Live up to the Hype?

fly bait, maxforce fly bait, get rid of flies, pest control, do it yourself pest control,, epest solutionsFor years, people have believed that they only had the choice of fly swatters or glue traps to handle problems with flies.  Many people have since heard of Maxforce fly bait, but honestly, many wonder whether a fly bait could actually work or not.  After all, these pests don’t usually crawl around like roaches or ants.  When one considers how the bait works, however, they’ll quickly recognize that it’s a powerful product.

Spraying Maxforce on Surfaces

Several Maxforce fly baits come ready to be mixed in normal spray bottles and sprayed on surfaces all over a home.  Many people choose to spray the substance on their exterior walls, but since a bittering agent makes it unpleasant to other animals, it can safely be used indoors.

The contents that are mixed to create the spray-on substance often comes with its own mixing bottle.  Once this effective repellent is sprayed on a surface, it attracts flies by using a sugar and pheromone base.  Flies that land on it are dead within 60 seconds, and these effects can last six weeks indoors. 

Treating Wider Areas with Fly Bait

It’s essential to realize that a homeowner doesn’t have to settle for simply covering their surfaces with this product.  Maxforce granules are actually often set out as broadcast applications over an entire area.  Additionally, these granules can still be dissolved and sprayed onto surfaces for homeowners who want to cover every angle. 

There are numerous types of fly traps out there, but Maxforce fly bait just about outdoes them all with the quickness of its effectiveness.

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