How to Kill Cockroaches Without Killing Your Wallet [Best Sprays for your Buck]

Killing Cockroaches, cockroaches, pest control, do it yourself pest control, cockroach spray, cockroach traps,, epest solutionsWe have all heard the tales about how even nuclear war cannot kill cockroaches – so what hope is there for little ol’ you to do what a hurricane of nukes cannot?

You have laid the store-bought cockroach bait, busted out the cockroach spray, and done everything under the sun to avoid having to call the expensive pest guy. And even when he comes to spray your house for roaches, is he doing a thorough job or just enough of a job that you will have to call him again in six months?

The problem with cockroaches is that they are persistent, generally well hidden, and they really like your refuse and food. Your house is the Ritz Carlton for cockroaches and – while maybe you did always want to manage a fancy hotel – I will bet dollars to Raid canisters that you never envisioned such clientele.

The Pest Guy – You

You now have access to the products the pros use: roach control kits that include commercial grade baits, drain treatments, insecticides, roach pheromone traps – hit ‘em where it hurts! – insect growth regulators, and ramped up versions of those aerosol sprays you have used for so long.

This stuff is the secret sauce the roach guy uses to make his living – but it is not a secret anymore.

Shut down the bar, turn off the lights, and bar the doors at the Roach Ritz – there will be no elaborate galas this season.

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