Cockroach Baits That Actually Work and How to Use Them

Cockroaches, Cockroach baits, pest control, do it yourself pest control,, epest solutionsShow me a cockroach and I will show you a dozen store-bought cockroach bait products that will fail in the quest to solve the eternal question of how to kill cockroaches. Sure, the store-bought traps will snag a few critters and give you a bit of an easier mind, but they have all lost the larger battle more times than we can count.

Cockroach spray, cockroach bait, roach motels, roach marriages … just kidding – that last practice kills anything. Point being, your solution is not at the store.

So, Where do I Go?

Luckily, we have you covered with a full line of professional grade roach assassin baits (here and here) that will make you the Jason Statham of your home. Yes, your jawline will look as stiff and impenetrable as an anvil in no time.

You will kill cockroaches by baiting in and around warm, moist cracks near food or bathrooms. These are not the traps you buy at CVS; these traps mean business … murderous business.

We have gels that you can inject directly in to cracks, as well as bait stations full of the delicious gel that lures these dirty pests to an early grave.

Set your pro-grade traps in areas where you have seen roaches both indoors and outdoors, but never in an area where you eat or prepare food, like a counter.

Save the day!

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