How to Eliminate Mosquitoes with DIY Mosquito Control

Mosquito ControlDuring the summer, few things are more annoying than biting mosquitoes.  That buzzing in your ear can send your hands flying wildly to try and swat the bugger before it bites you!

A mosquito bite can cause an unpleasant itch.  And if you have multiple bites, the itching can become unbearable for many people.  Mosquitoes can also spread diseases, like Malaria and West Nile Virus.  These dangerous diseases can be fatal for some people.

However, you can take action to reduce the number of mosquitoes you come into contact with during the biting season.

Do-It-Yourself Mosquito Control Products

Fortunately, regular folks have access to large-scale, do-it-yourself (DIY) mosquito control products like the professionals use.  These products treat heavy mosquito populations at your home rather than repel mosquitoes away from your body.  You can buy these supplies at online DIY pest control retailers.

When you purchase mosquito control products from a DIY retailer, they come in concentrated form to be mixed with water.  The following treatments represent those commonly used:

  • Standard Barrier Spray – You can use these spray treatments to reduce almost all the mosquitoes in your yard.  Everyone using your yard will be protected from bites, including your pets.  Sprays can be used in one-time, periodic or seasonal applications.  They can be administered through fogger and misting spray systems.
  • Automatic Misters – If you are short on time, have a heavy mosquito population and/or use your outdoor space extensively during the summer, a misting system makes good sense.  After you purchase a system, you install it on your property to release chemicals automatically at pre-determined intervals.  Some systems also come with remote controls for you to adjust the automatic chemical release as needed.
  • Larvacides – These DIY chemicals are used in mosquito breeding grounds, like bodies of standing water.  Mosquito larvae are killed before growing into adult biters!

Additional Measures to Take for Mosquito Control

In addition to the DIY chemical treatments you buy from your online retailer, you can take measures around your home to help control mosquitoes.  For example, you can do the following things to improve the effectiveness of your chemical treatments:

  • Add plants to your landscape that naturally repel mosquitoes.  These include garlic, marigolds, geraniums, citronella, peppermint, rosemary and others.
  • Limit leafy foliage near your house.  Mosquitoes seek refuge from the wind and sun in these plants.
  • Remove all standing water.  Mosquitoes breed in standing water and stay close to this spot as they become adults.  They can lay eggs in even the smallest amounts of water.   So, you should make it a habit to regularly inspect your yard.

Look for water in even the most inconspicuous spots.  Examples of places that could hold water include toys, tarps, gutters, tree holes, tires, drainage holes, yard decorations and more.

  • Wear clothes that repel mosquitoes.  Obviously, covering your body in loose-fitting apparel will help keep mosquitoes from biting your skin.  But, you can do other things as well, such as wearing light colored clothing instead of dark clothing.
  • Avoid wearing fragrances – Perfumes, colognes, deodorants and other fragrances attract mosquitoes.  They especially like the floral scents.
  • Don’t drink alcohol outside – Some studies found mosquitoes prefer to bite people drinking alcohol.

By using a DIY mosquito control system from your online pest control source, you can pretty much eliminate the mosquito population in your yard.  To more fully protect you from those annoying bites that can lead to itching or even disease, follow the “extra” measures suggested above.

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