Choosing a Natural, Safe, and Effective Spider Killer to Use at Home

Killing spiders naturally, killing spiders, killing spiders at home, pest control, do it yourself pest control,, epest solutionsWe often get questions about using a natural spider killer. With children and pets around, it is important to keep them safe from harmful chemicals – but it is also important to keep them protected from potentially harmful spiders. The brown recluse and the Black Widow can both cause significant harm to humans, cats, and dogs.

First off, be mindful of giving pets and small children unfettered access to closets – keep nothing on the floor in children’s closets – garages, and outdoor running water sources as they are the McMansions of the venomous spider world.

Use a pest control kit to keep spiders’ food sources at bay. Without food, spiders will most certainly leave you, your children, and your pets alone – because they will be at somebody else’s house.

Cost Effective, Natural Spider Control Options

There are a number of options for killing spiders naturally. And one of the most cost- and killing-effective is Diatomaceous Earth MotherEarth D Green, which can be used both indoors and outdoors.

At just $68 for a 10 pound pail, one bucket of MotherEarth D Green will naturally control crawling insects in your house and yard for – literally – years.

Clearly, you must continue to apply it, but 10 pounds is a tremendous amount, especially since it was once offered for $16 in an eight ounce size.

When pest control and safety go hand-in-hand, we all win.

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