Stop a Variety of Pests with Fly Killer Spray

 fly killer sprayFlies are among the most annoying of pests—and they can also carry diseases and bacteria. So obviously you want to get rid of them quickly if they’ve invaded your space.

However, flies are rarely your only insect problem. Often, you often have mosquitoes, fruit flies and other pests also making your life miserable. So rather than using an endless assortment of insect-fighting products, you can save a lot of time, money and aggravation by choosing products that will take care of a variety of insects.

The good news is, that shouldn’t be too difficult. Most fly killer spray products are also effective at killing many other insects as well—usually including things like beetles, spiders, fruit flies and more. For best results, choose a spray that contains an insect growth regulator. This provides great long-term effects because it stops the insects from maturing and keeps eggs from developing, meaning the population will quickly die out.

Monica Bird (949 Posts)

Monica’s compassion for her customer's struggles with pest control issues and passion for pest control stems from over 10 years in the industry. With a master’s degree in entomology, she uses her knowledge and experience in chemistry, insects and pests to educate her customers.