Ant Bait: The Best Bet for Long-Term Results

ant baitAs most of us already know, ants travel in large groups. So if you have an ant problem, killing a few here and there really won’t make that big of a difference. To truly solve your problem, you need to wipe out the ants in large numbers.

The best way to do that is by using ant bait. This bait is what you might call a delayed-action killer. It contains chemicals that attract the ants, so they grab it and take it back to their nest. There, they share it with the rest of the ants. The insecticide in the bait can then destroy a large segment of the colony—and also prevents egg production and development, which will cause the colony to die out.

Ant bait is the easiest and most effective way to destroy an entire colony of ants. Best of all, it requires very little effort on your part. You simply set out the bait and let the ants do all the work.

Monica Bird (949 Posts)

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