Why Insect Growth Regulators Should be in Your Pest-Fighting Arsenal

insect growth regulatorsMost likely, you’ve used a variety of products to solve various pest control issues. These probably included some combination of sprays, granules, concentrated formulas—and perhaps even some traps. But there may be one thing you are leaving out of your strategy for battling bugs.

What you should know about insect growth regulators

One insect control product that is often overlooked: insect growth regulators. These products play a very important role in the pest control process. Whereas sprays and similar products are great for immediate killing of pests you can see, you need to keep using them constantly in order to stay on top of the problem.

Insect growth regulators, on the other hand, provide a long-term solution by disrupting the breeding cycle of insects. These products contain chemicals that disrupt an insect’s normal growth process, preventing them from maturing and reproducing. They also prevent eggs and larvae from growing and becoming live adult insects.

This can make a big difference in controlling—and even eliminating—the insect population in your home and the surrounding areas. Plus, these products usually work on a variety of insects, so they can be a great way to protect against many different pests.

Monica Bird (949 Posts)

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