Things to Consider When Choosing Fly Traps

fly trap productsWhen considering options for controlling flies, trap products are one of the most common choices. Fly traps come in a wide variety of forms, so you will want to think about which might be best for your purposes (and preferences).

A glue strip is the most basic option, and also the cheapest. The downside: it can be unattractive to look at, and probably isn’t something you would want in a prominent place in your home.

Many people prefer fly trap lights. They are low-maintenance, and provide long-term ongoing pest control. They are known for working quickly, so you will see results right away. And many are designed to be installed discreetly, so they are barely even noticeable.

While you are thinking about traps, don’t forget your drain. There are fly traps designed especially for sinks and drains, which are a common breeding ground for flies and other insects.

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