How to Be a Successful Ant Killer in Five Easy Steps

Ant killerIf an ant invasion has you feel like you’re under attack, it’s time for you to launch a killing campaign of your own. Don’t be intimidated—while the ants may have you outnumbered, you can win this battle. In fact, with a smart game plan, you will soon reign supreme as Assassin of the Ants!

Here’s your basic plan of attack to become an expert ant killer:

  1. Fight on the front lines. To quickly wipe out the ants you can see, use an insecticide spray that’s designed to kill on contact. These sprays also often have residual effects, providing ongoing benefit. Look for a product with growth-regulator chemicals, which will prevent any surviving insects from maturing or reproducing.
  2. Do some detective work. You may need to act like a spy and look for clues, but you will want to try and find out where the ants may be coming from. They tend to come in through cracks and crevices, where they make paths that they follow routinely. If you locate the entry point, you can either try to block it off—or you can at least use some insect repellent in the area. (Insecticide dust is a great choice for this purpose.)
  3. Use bait to help kill the colony. To really wipe out the ant army, you’ve got to attack the colony. How do you do that? By using bait. Set the bait in a spot that’s popular with the ants. They will then carry the insect-killing chemicals back to the colony, where it can cause massive damage. This will cause the colony to die out, eliminating your problem for the long-term.
  4. Guard the perimeter. To establish a barrier that will keep ants—and many other pests—from entering your home, you can use an outdoor insecticide all around the exterior of your house. Sprays and liquids are great for areas near your home, while granules are great for your lawn. Again, look for products with growth-regulator chemicals, so existing colonies will die out.
  5. Stay diligent. Like many insects, ants are persistent and industrious creatures. Once you have the problem under control, you can’t afford to get lazy in your pest-fighting efforts. If you let your guard down and fail to maintain your protective measures, a new crop of ants could start to make their way into your property.

By following these basic (and relatively easy) steps, you will be amazed at how quickly you will see results—and how effective these efforts will be in solving your problem for a long time. Your ant killing skills may even become legendary!

Monica Bird (949 Posts)

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