Choose the Flea Treatment That’s the Best Fit for You

flea treatmentIf you have a flea problem, you need to launch a quick and powerful response. (And if you’ve seen even just one flea, you do already have a problem. For every flea you see, there are many more hiding in your carpet, on your furniture—or even on your pet.)

Why the Right Flea Treatment Matters

Choosing the right flea treatment at the start can make a big difference in solving this problem as quickly as possible. A contact spray is generally the first choice for quick results. You also want to treat your pet, either with a flea spray, shampoo or dip (the groomer can do this for you or recommend a product you can use at home).

That’s only the first step, though. You also need to ensure that the fleas stay gone—which means taking steps to battle the eggs, as well. A growth regulator is a good choice for that purpose.

The right flea treatment for your situation will depend on several factors including your budget, the scope of the infestation and size of the space involved. The most convenient option is probably a flea control kit, which contains several different products to be used together for maximum results.

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