Flea and Tick Control is Important This Time of Year

flea and tick controlWarm weather can be great in many ways, especially if it allows you to spend lots of time outdoors with friends and family. But one downside is that this season often means an increase in insect problems. In particular, pet owners need to worry about fleas and ticks, which tend to be very active in hot weather.

As temperatures rise, the need for flea and tick control increases

Flea and tick control must be a high priority all the time, but especially during warmer seasons. These insects can cause many problems. Not only can their bites make you (and your pet) very itchy and uncomfortable, but they can also be a health hazard because they carry disease. Among other things, ticks are notorious for spreading Lyme disease, which can cause serious medical problems.

The good news is, there are many flea and tick control products that can be very effective in killing these pests and keeping them away. The best strategy is to take a multi-pronged approach to fight these pests on several fronts.

First, use a contact spray to get rid of the visible fleas and ticks quickly. You will want to treat furniture, carpeting and other surfaces where these insects like to hide. You will also want to get a spray or foam treatment that is specifically designed for use in your pets.

For serious infestations, you may want to use a fogger to treat the entire room. Be sure to read the directions carefully and follow all safety precautions.

Next, use a concentrated product for ongoing protection. There are also granules and other products that you can use outdoors in the property around your house, to keep these pests from getting near your home.

Lastly, consider using an insect growth regulator which can keep the insects from multiplying and also kill any eggs that may be hiding.

By taking a comprehensive approach to flea and tick control, you and your pets can enjoy the warm weather without being bothered by these annoying pests.

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