Become an Expert Fly Killer

fly killerYou don’t like flies. In fact, you probably hate them. Everyone does. But trying to defeat these persistent pests can take all of your time—and patience. Fly swatters aren’t very efficient, and who has time to be swatting flies all day? Certainly not you, which is why you need to enlist the help of more efficient tools in your quest to be a fly assassin.

Tools that should be in the arsenal of every fly killer

If you want to win the war against flies, you need the right weapons. You will probably want to use a multi-faceted strategy that involves several different products. A fly trap is a good starting point. There are so many different types of fly traps that you will surely be able to find one you like that meets your needs. If you want to invest a little more money and go high-tech, a bug light is also a very effective fly killer.

For immediate, contact kills, ditch the swatter and go with a bug spray instead. Not only is it more convenient, but it usually has a residual effect that can continue to get rid of flies and other pests.

By using a combination of products that work well together, you will soon be a master fly killer who is no longer troubled by these annoying pests!

Monica Bird (949 Posts)

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