Insect Growth Regulators: Like Birth Control for Bugs

insect growth regulatorsWhen you have an insect problem, you don’t just want pests to go away for now. You want them to stay gone for good. That means you want a long-term solution—and ideally one that keeps the pests you already have from multiplying.

Advantages of insect growth regulators

This is exactly what insect growth regulators are designed to do. These products prevent insects from maturing, thus preventing them from being able to reproduce. Even better, they keep eggs and larvae from ever developing into actual insects in the first place.

Insect growth regulators are also excellent for ongoing protection, since they are usually effective for several months. In addition, these products are considered safer for people and pets than other types of insect-killing products.

One downside: insect growth regulators are not designed for quick kills. For best results, use these products in conjunction with a spray or other product designed for quick kills on contact.

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