Get Rid of buzzing Pests with Fly Bait

fly baitFlies are one of the most annoying type of pests—and they can also be among the hardest to kill, given their speed and elusive nature.

Fly bait attracts and kills pests quickly

Fly bait is designed to kill in a two-pronged approach: it kills quickly (usually within 60 seconds or so), but also has lingering residual effects. The bait is designed to keep on killing for at least several weeks. Fly bait made for spot control is available in liquid form, for easy and quick application.

There are also granular versions of fly bait, which can be used in bait stations or dissolved in water for a painted-on application.

Fly bait is made from a combination of chemicals that are known to be attractive to flies, even those that tend to resist other types of insecticides. Often, additional “bitter” chemicals are added to discourage animals from disturbing the bait.

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