Victor Mouse Snap Traps Helpful Tips for Professionals

Designed Specifically For Pest Management Professionals

Adjustable Trigger

Traps are equipped with a setting control which allows you to use a soft/sensitive set for normal situations or a firmer set in situations where vibrating machinery could prematurely set off a trap.

To use: Set trap, and then move arm towards the firm or soft position. Further adjustments can be made by slightly bending the trigger arm.

Baiting Option Available

The professional traps do not need to be baited, however in certain situations it may increase the catch rate. A bait trough and hook are provided for different types of bait –offer a variety of baits.

Routine Maintenance

Be sure traps are in good mechanical condition. If traps need oil, use animal or vegetable oil. Do not use petroleum based compounds as they repel.

Placement Is Key

  1. Identify area with evidence of recent rodent activity such as fresh droppings, gnawing, rub marks, burrows, or urine stains.
  2. Place traps on hard, stable surface.
  3. Set perpendicular to the wall, trigger end towards the wall.
  4. Use multiple traps set in a series for best results.

Prevent Trap Shyness

Rats are often shy of new objects…Placing unset, pre baited traps in a new location for a few days will increase catch. Do not relocate trap once a good location is found

Mice are naturally more curious…Frequent trap relocations will attract their interest.

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