The Technical Aspects of Mistaway Gen 1.2 and 1.3 Conversion Kits

The Gen 1.3 Conversion Kit (Part # 90812 for No Agitation and Part # 90818 for With Agitation) contains everything you need to fully convert a Gen 1.2 to a Gen 1.3 except for the pump/motor assembly, the drum, and the remote transmitter, all of which must be salvaged from the existing system.

The conversion is simple. You simply remove the pump/motor assembly from the existing unit and bolt it onto the chassis provided in the kit. You then mount the chassis onto the new drum lid, which is included. Our standard finish kit – except for the remote transmitter – is also included in the conversion kit. The result of the conversion is a new Gen 1.3 with a used pump/motor.

The process will work as follows:

1. Order either Part# 90812 (No Agitation) for $550 or Part# 90818 (With Agitation) for $625 and pay for shipping as you would any other part.

2. Perform the conversion and remove the metal enclosure (with serial number) with attached HMI board for return to MistAway. Retain the bottom (IO) board as a spare.

3. Return the enclosure with HMI board to us in a box that we will provide with shipment of the kit. We will also include a call tag, where we pay shipping for the return.

4. Upon receiving the enclosure and board, we will credit or refund your account $250. This makes your net cash cost of the conversion $300 plus inbound freight for a No Agitation unit and $375 for a With Agitation unit.

5. We will warranty the components in the replacement kit for our standard one year.


We have included a picture example HERE.

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