The Simple Facts about Fall Invading Pests

Just like the weather, pests change with the seasons.  Insects such as cluster flies, boxelder bugs, elm leaf beetles and multicolored Asian lady beetles (MALB) are common over wintering pests. As temperatures cool in the fall, these insects are attracted to warm temperatures found on exterior walls exposed to the sun. They often occur suddenly in large numbers. After landing on exterior surfaces the insects explore the area and locate entry points to wall voids, attics and other protected areas inside the structure. Once inside they may become a nuisance during the fall, winter and spring as they emerge and move to warmer areas in the structure, including living quarters.  Interesting Information. What would be even better is to know how to deal with these problem, and luckily, we can tell you.  If you check out this Need to Know Manual from our friends at Bayer, you will have the proper answers to dealing with fall invading pests.

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