Mistaway Systems Spring Start Up Procedures

To restart systems that have been shut down over the winter, follow these steps to ensure a smooth startup:

All Systems

  • Check that the clock shows the correct time and that the mist cycles are programmed as desired.

Also, ensure that the system mode (AUTO/ON/OFF) is correct.

  • Clean or replace the suction filter.
  • Flush the nozzle circuits on all systems with fresh water, using the INSPECT mode. For drum systems that still have insecticide in the drum, simply place the suction line in a bucket containing fresh water.
  • Check the performance of the nozzles. Now is a good time to clean or replace the nozzle tips.

For the slimline nozzles, we offer replacement filters (part #10196) and ball/springs (part

#10197). Complete tip assemblies are also available for slimline nozzles (part #10195) and Hago nozzles (part #10255).

Tankless systems

  • Detach the water line and flush the line for several minutes to remove any accumulated sediment.
  • Clean external water filter. If the system does not have an external water filter, we recommend you add one of the new style filters (part #10860).
  • Gen III – it’s VERY important to verify that the bellows dosing pump is primed. To verify, snap in a bottle of concentrate, unscrew the controller then lift up controller (cables still attached) so that you can see the bellows pump through the cut-out in the shroud.
    • Holding the controller in your hand, run a charge function (go to MAINTENANCE – INS – and hold down the 3 arrow buttons together for 3 seconds).
    • The pump may take several minutes to prime, but once it does, you should see fluid being pumped into the mixing vessel.
    • If the pump does not prime, unscrew the discharge (right-side) connector from the bellows pump, remove the Viton duckbill, wipe clean with a rag, re-insert and repeat the charge function until the pump primes.
  • Gen II – Gen II systems use what is known as a peristaltic pump to dose insecticide into the mixing tank. The peristaltic pump, which is located in the front right corner of the unit (under the shroud), has a small tubing element inside that requires periodic replacement in order to maintain the correct pump flow rate. The part number for this tubing element is #10660. We’ll soon be updating our website with a video on how to replace the peristaltic pump tubing element.

Drum Systems – Some drum systems that have been inactive may require that the misting pump be primed before it can produce pressure.

  • To prime the misting pump, detach the nozzle circuit and suction line, loosen the pump clamp, and rotate the pump by 135 degrees, so that the suction/discharge ports are pointing upward.
  • Reattach the suction line and fill the suction line with water.
  • Now, run the pump in the INSPECT mode. This procedure will let gravity force water into the pump, helping to reseal the pump vanes. Once the water is pumped out of the discharge port, the pump should be able to work again in its normal configuration
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