How to Set Up Your Mistaway Gen 1.3 Drum Unit for Winter

1. Flush pump (and agitation valve if equipped) with clean water:

a. Fill 5 gallon bucket with fresh water and position next to unit.

b. Lift drum lid (with mounted assembly) from drum and rotate/reposition so that pump intake line (and agitation j-tube, if equipped) is submerged inside 5 gallon bucket.

c. Activate an extended manual mist. The agitation cycle will flush the agitation valve (if there is one) and the mist cycle will flush the pump and nozzle circuit. If zone kit, run mists on both zones to flush both nozzle circuits.

d. Remove intake line (and agitation j-tube if equipped) from bucket, disconnect nozzle circuit line, and activate a dry (i.e., suction line not in any fluid) manual mist to clear water from valve and pump.

e. While unit is running dry, lift left side of unit to clear water from agitation valve and leak detection assembly (if installed).

f. Reposition drum lid and assembly back on drum.

2. Unplug unit and wrap power cord around assembly.

3. Replace waterproof cover.

4. Purge fluid remaining in nozzle circuit with compressed air.

a. Remove the tip from the last nozzle on the end of each run.

b. Use portable air compressor with adapter (MistAway Part # 20052) to purge fluid from nozzle circuit.

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