Draining the Batch Tank on your Mistaway Tank System

Don’t Forget to Drain the Batch Tank after the Inspection Cycle. During the inspection cycle, the mixing vessel fills completely with water. Because the tank was not completely drained while conducting the inspection, it needs to be drained prior to first mist. Otherwise the system will only dose enough insecticide to mix with the water that was used in the inspection step. If, at the end of the Inspection cycle, the tank level is low by a half a gallon, after the system tops off the water in the tank before the first mist, it will only dose enough insecticide for a half a gallon of water and not the 2 gallons of total water in the tank. (If the mixing vessel contains only pure water, you may want to remove a nozzle tip to speed the drain process). Both Gen II and Gen III also feature a “charge” function that will pump a full dose of insecticide into the mixing vessel, regardless of the current concentration of insecticide in the tank. Activating the charge routine pumps the same amount of insecticide into the tank as if the tank had been completely drained and refilled with 2 gallons of pure water. Therefore, caution must be exercised when using this function to ensure that the concentration of insecticide in the vessel does not exceed the maximum as per the label language of the insecticide being used. To activate a CHARGE function on Gen II, navigate to INS on the MAINTENANCE menu, and simultaneously hold down the selector knob and AUTO button for 5 seconds. To activate the function on Gen III, navigate to INS and simultaneously hold down all three arrow buttons for 5 seconds.

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