Consider Your Ant Control Options

ant controlAnts are one of the most common household pests. That means they are also one of the most common things that pest control products are designed to fight. So you have a wide variety of ant control options available.

Different types of ant control products:

Spray: If you want to kill ants quickly on contact, a spray is a great option. It is designed to work immediately, but may also have a residual effect.

Bait: This is probably the best option for long-term, widespread ant control. If you really want to win the war against ants, you have to destroy the colony. Baits accomplish this because the “forager” ants carry the bait ingredient back to the nest and share it with the colony.

Granules: Ant control products in granule format are designed for long-term protection because they have a residual effect. They are usually designed for outdoor use, and would be applied to lawns, turf and other exterior areas.

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