Avoid Bites and Disease with Mosquito Control Systems

mosquito control systemsMosquitos can cause problems in a variety of ways. Their bites are painful and annoying, of course. But they can also spread disease, and have been linked to the transmission of several serious (and sometimes fatal) conditions such as malaria and the West Nile Virus.

Mosquitoes can be found almost everywhere, although they tend to be more prevalent in certain areas of the country (at least during peak seasons). They tend to breed near water, so areas near rivers, creeks and even pools tends to be ripe for mosquito invasions.

When it comes to mosquito control systems, you have several options. There are contact sprays, which can kill instantly—but you have to get fairly close to the insect, which means you run the risk of getting bitten.  Candles and foggers with mosquito repellant are a popular choice. You can also use a sprayer to make the do-it-yourself fogging process easier.

ePest has a wide variety of mosquito control systems, running the gamut from sprays and min-foggers to large foggers intended for commercial use or to cover large areas.

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