How to Become a Professional Fly Killer

fly killerWe’ve all had the designated fly killer assigned in our homes. They were the ones with the best hand and the fastest speed and they could kill a fly with a newspaper or swatter with their eyes closed. Well, eventually we all grow up and lose that designated fly killer. Luckily, we have a solution for you folks to aid your own fly problem by becoming a fly killer yourself. So, once you get to the last stage of grief, acceptance, we invite you to visit our website and pick out a professional grade fly killer product.

Here are some great tips on becoming an expert fly killer

  • Sanitation – When you have a fly problem it is crucial to keep those areas clean. Flies survive on food, sugary beverages, standing water, feces, exposed garbage, etc. If you have pets make sure you pick up their feces on a regular basis and make sure your trash cans are kept closed and away from openings into your home.
  • Repellents – Repellents such as misting systems, sprays, lights, etc. area great way to keep flies from intruding into your space. Repellents can be very useful and effective; however, if they repellent is not on or in place your fly problem will continue to persist.
  • Traps – Traps attract flies by using special pheromones. They either contain glue boards, executors or sticky pads and once the fly lands into the trap they become stuck and perish rather quickly. Fly traps are ideal in areas where livestock are present and in areas where outdoor food services are prominent.
  • Insecticide treatment – Insecticide treatment is great because it can kill flies quickly and leaves a residual effect for up to 3 months in mild conditions. Flies are inactive at night so when they land and rest on surfaces that have been treated with insecticide they become affected by the treatment.

Flies are a really nasty and annoying pest to have around. They spread diseases, some bite and they create an uncomfortable environment. Luckily flies don’t have a very long life span, but unluckily in that lifespan they can procreate very quickly. Now that you have all of these tips you are officially an expert fly killer.

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