Get Ready For Termite Season with Termidor

TermidorAlthough termites are active all year round there is a “season” in which they are more prominent and beginning swarming. Swarming is the act of leaving their nests to find new nesting areas. It is very noticeable when a swarm begins because you can start seeing termite tubes or trails on surfaces in or around your home. When you notice these tubes it is important to get a termite treatment product. Our most popular product and the number one treatment in America is called Termidor.

How can Termidor help you during termite season?

Termidor is known for its efficiency and effectiveness in getting rid of termites. The active ingredient contained in Termidor is called Fipronil and makes up just .06% of the solution. This may seem low, but you do not need much in order for it to be effective. In fact Termidor is applied at much lower rates than other products on the line so you don’t use as much product.

Once the Termidor has been applied and the termites start to come into contact with it, they start transferring it to the rest of the colony. Because it is a slow acting chemical, the termites can live for days before experiencing side effects and perishing. Within one to two weeks our customers notice a significant reduction in termites.

The greatest thing about this miracle product is that it is extremely cost effective. Just one bottle of Termidor costs $69.95 and will provide you with 25 gallons of solution. It is 100% effective on 100% of termites in three months or less, for a fraction of the price an exterminator would charge.

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