Everything You Need to Know About Pest Control Products

Pest control products have evolved tremendously over the years. Within the last thirty years alone, pesticides have changed from being extremely toxic and residue heavy in the environment to virtually safe – or at least far less toxic to the environment in many cases. This is because of the use of the principals of “Integrated Pest Management,” which has been implemented to control pests with ‌minimal impact on people, property, and our environment.


Modern Pest Control Products


Billions of dollars have been spent on the research that has led us to these amazing modern pesticides. As a result, pesticide products are a lot safer and more effective today than ever before. Today’s products are specifically designed to target a particular pest’s nervous system with the right dosage needed to kill the pest, all while leaving very little residue in and around your home.


Natural Pest Control Products


In recent years, new research is focusing on the idea of “natural” pesticides. These products are created from certain botanical plant oils that have been processed, combined, or concentrated into pesticides. These plant oils target the octopamine which is an important neurotransmitter receptor within insects. Interestingly, these neurotransmitter receptors are not found in people. Like other pesticides, these natural pesticides ultimately result in the breakdown of the nervous system, effectively eradicating the pests.


Today’s products are proven to be safer and far more effective in controlling pests than ever before. Whether you choose to use natural or synthetic pesticides for your do-it-yourself pest control, you will receive great results and value.

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