The Importance of Using Mouse Control Products

mouse controlMice are an incredible menace to any residential or commercial space. They can chew through electrical wires, put holes in your walls, tear of insulation, and nest in walls, cabinets and other dark places and they can leave a big mess and an unpleasant smell. They are by far the worst rodent to have living in your home. It’s important to aid the problem quickly and effectively. Choosing a mouse control method can be difficult so we are here to explain the differences between them all.

Mouse control is important for the safety of your home and your health

  • Mouse traps – Traps are a great method, especially when you prefer not to use harsh chemicals. Traps can be set out pretty much anywhere and as long as they are baited correctly, they can make an impact in just a few days (depending on how many mice you have). We recommend setting out the trap baited and unset for the first 2 –3 days. You can use cheese, crackers, peanut butter, etc. and the mice will learn that the trap is a good source of yummy treats. Once you have the trap set, they will willingly walk into the trap and voila.
  • Mouse bait and bait stations – Bait and bait stations are also an effective method of mouse control and are easy to use. Similarly to traps, you simply place the bait stations in places where the mice are nesting or traveling. The bait stations are used to keep the bait secure so that it does not get anywhere you don’t want it. The bait will lure them in and within a few days of eating the bait they perish. Because it takes a few days for the bait to take effect they do not equate their symptoms to the food and therefore continue to eat it and do not have the ability to warn others of the danger.

Tips for successful mouse control

In order to assist the process of mouse control it is very important to keep your home clean, especially in the areas mice are found. This means eliminating food particles and cleaning out their nests when they are unoccupied. Just watch out for babies when you are cleaning out the nests.

You can also use copper mesh to stuff holes or cracks leading into your home or into a nesting area. This can be very helpful, but should be used as a temporary solution. The best thing to do is permanently repair any holes or crevices leading into your home.

It is also important to be smarter than the mice. Unfortunately they are very smart creatures, using mature and sophisticated behavior patterns to avoid danger. We have many tips on how you can do this and our expert team members are available online or on the phone to help you outsmart these little guys.

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