Finding the Bed Bug Kit That’s Right for You

Finding the Bed Bug Kit That’s Right for You

With the recent bed bug epidemic growing rapidly, now is the time to keep yourself protected from these annoying pests. Bed bug kits can be an extremely useful tool in detecting, treating, and keeping your home bug free. There are many different kinds of control kits out there, so it is important for you to know which one will work best for you and your situation.

Benefits of Using a Bed Bug Kit

Being well prepared with a bug kit is key to successfully stopping and preventing bed bug infestations in your home. Many kits are especially designed to provide the right control for your problem dependent upon the size of the infestation. No matter the size and type of bed bug problem you are experiencing, there is a kit for the job. Bed bug kits also come in special varieties dependent upon your location. There are specific kits for California, New York, and other areas since the regulations regarding bed bugs may vary by location. There are also kits specifically designed for residential locations versus commercial locations.


What to Expect in Your Kit


Professional bed bug kits are very effective and easy to use. A typical kit will include a professional hand duster used for applying dust in hard to reach areas. You can also expect to see an insecticide spray (often aerosol) which has a long lasting residual effect in killing and keeping the bugs away. Also expect to see a spray that can be used for killing bugs on contact throughout your home should you spot them as you go. Some kits come with a one gallon spray pump for ease of application while many others do not.

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