Benefits to Using Animal Traps, Part IV: Squirrel Trap

squirrel trapSquirrels are mostly known for their cute little faces and their need to steal nuts, however, in certain parts of the country they are known as pests. Squirrels are notorious for eating seeds, nuts, berries, and some crops. Some species can live under ground while most common species live in trees either in wholes or nests.

Benefits of using a squirrel trap

Squirrel traps can help control your squirrel population without the use of harsh chemicals. Some squirrel traps are humane and others are meant to eliminate. The biggest reasons people want to get rid of squirrels are their ability to make home in your home and their ability to dig and eat their way through crops and gardens.  Once squirrels nest in your home it can be incredibly difficult to get rid of them so the ideal goal is to stop them from getting in.

Squirrels are very similar to mice in their smarts and the amount of damage they can do within your home. They can tear through insulation, put wholes in your walls and eat through electrical wires. At the first sign of squirrels on your property, it’s time to set up the squirrel traps. Outside, they can be just as destructive.  Because squirrel burry their food supply for the winter, they will dig wherever they see (or smell) fit. They can cause damage to lawns, roots and young plants. They also tend to steal popular garden treats, making all that hard work you put into growing your own produce a waste of time.

If you are looking for a chemical free and easy method to get rid of or prevent a squirrel problem, using a squirrel trap is easy and effective. The easiest method to success is to place the trap(s) near or right outside their dwelling with apple slices, peanuts or peanut butter inside; they can’t resist. Before you know it, your trap will be occupied and you are that much closer to a squirrel free home.

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