Benefits of Using Animal Traps, Part II: Mole Traps

mole trapsAlthough moles are protected in some countries, like Germany, they are considered unwanted and uninvited pests in your garden or on your land. They can cause great damage to your yard, but even worse damage in fields or crops or grazing pastures.

Benefits of using mole traps

Trapping moles is much easier than trapping other animals. We recommend placing the mole traps at the opening of their burrow so that they unexpectedly walk into it. A common misconception is that moles are blind and deaf when in fact their eyes and ears are just invisible. However, because they are subterranean mammals their seeing is not great above ground.

Just one mole can cause a great amount of damage if you do not get rid of them. They burrow in your yard and can damage plant roots and grass. Most of the time the damage is mostly aesthetic, but you can imagine how devastating it would be to a farmer growing crops or grazing his animals on grass pastures. In fact, moles can contaminate the soil making it inedible to livestock. Moles do not eat plant roots, but they do eat warms, larvae and other insects that are beneficial to the soil.

Moles unintentionally invited other pests onto your land by allowing them access to their holes where they can do even more damage. Rats, mice, voles and weasels are common perpetrators and can access enclosed areas or plant roots, which they will eat. By using mole traps you can eliminate these problems and save your garden, yard, livestock or crops.

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