Learning About Bed Bug Dust

Bed bugs can be difficult pests to deal with in your home, but there are some methods that prove very useful in eradicating them. Bed bug dust is both a potent and effective option for getting rid of these bugs fast. By using professional strength dust products at home, you can take care of  your problem both easily and successfully.


About Natural Bug Dust


Bed bug dusts tend to have their own advantages over sprays. One major advantage is the penetrating power of dusts or powders. There are two main types: natural dusts and chemical dusts. Although each product is deadly for bed bugs, they are 100% safe to use around people and pets.


Two popular natural products are diatomaceous earth and pyrethrin dust. Diatomaceous earth is mined from the earth’s crust and this ingredient causes permanent damage to the bed bug’s outer shell resulting in dehydration and death. Pyrethrin is a natural derivative of the chrysanthemum flower and this ingredient attacks the bug’s nervous system.


About Chemical Bed Bug Dust


The most popular chemical type of bed bug dust is Tempo dust. Formulated with the same active ingredients like the popular Tempo line of sprays, Tempo dust is particular effective in treating multiple infestations.

A major advantage to the Tempo dust product is that the fine dust can settle easier into the cracks and crevices where the bed bugs hide. Once settled, Tempo dust will maintain its original strength, so long as it is remains dry. This provides a continuous defense against bed bug infestations growing and getting worse.

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