Tips for Using Animal Traps

Tips for Using Animal Traps

Sometimes unwanted animals can invade both your indoor and outdoor living spaces. In a case like this, you will need more protection than a simple mouse trap. This is why animal traps are important for such cases and they can be very effective in getting rid of those unwanted animals in or around your home.


Why Use Animal Traps?

Humane Animal Traps

Pests such as rodents or larger animals like raccoons can ruin your lawn or gardens, or even take refuge in your garage or even inside your home. Animal traps are a great option for situations specifically dealing with these cases of infestation. Animal traps are particularly effective with the common outdoor nuisance of squirrels, too. There are live animal traps available as well that provide a humane alternative for effective control of these pests without killing them.


Common Types of Animal Traps


Leghold Traps, also known as bear traps, usually consist of steel jaws that close down over an animal’s leg to prevent them from getting away. Padded options are available for causing less harm to the animal.

Snares are designed to catch an animal with wire cable that releases around the animal’s feet or neck.

Cage traps consist of bait placed inside a cage that triggers once the animal is inside. This kind of animal trap usually doesn’t harm the animal at all because it triggers once the animal is safely inside near the bait.

The next time you are troubled by unwanted rodents or large animals, consider an animal trap. They can successfully capture common pests such as rats, raccoons, squirrels, snakes, bees, opossum, armadillos, and more.


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