Rats! Options for Rat Control

Rats are a serious and often dangerous pest and predator that should not be taken lightly. They can easily wreak havoc both inside and outside of your home. These pests should be controlled as soon as you see them or their remnants.  Here’s what you need to know about effective rat control options.


Things You Should Know about Rats


Rats pose a particularly dangerous threat to your home, both inside and out. Not only are they often terrifying to spot unexpectedly, but these pests can be responsible for much more serious issues. Outdoors, rats can ruin gardens, lawns, and vegetation. They often hide under wood piles, around garbage cans, in compost bins, among bushes, and even under rocks.


Indoors, rats can destroy items in your home, raid your food pantry, bring diseases in with them, and even start electrical fires by chewing on dangerous wires.

Ways to Get Rid of Rats


The easiest and most effective way to capture and kill a rat is with a simple snap trap. They are easy to find and set up. The method is to simply bait the trap with some kind of food such as a piece of apple, potato, raw bacon, or even peanut butter on a cotton ball. Next, simply place the trap in a place where you have spotted rat droppings. Be sure to keep the trap from your pets and out of your children’s reach.


Poison is another option but less recommended than traps because the poisoned rats often die off in hard to reach places and their carcass will eventually leave a foul smell that is hard to get rid of. If poison is to be used, it is highly recommended that you consider a bait station which contains the rat after it is poisoned.

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