How to Kill Bed Bugs in One Fell Swoop, Part III: Bed Bug Kit

bed bug kitWhen you know you have a bed bug problem, you know the size of the infestation and you are looking for overall protection, a bed bug kit is just the thing for you.

Bed bug kits are the easiest and most efficient way to kill bed bugs

All of our bed bug kits come in different sizes and are designed for any problem. The smallest bed bug kit can be used to treat 1-2 bedrooms or preventatively and our largest kit can be used to treat large homes. We also offer commercial kits and a specially formulated New York kit. Most of our customers notice a dramatic difference within days and successful elimination within 1-4 weeks. Some of our customers also purchase larger kits than necessary so that they can retreat once or twice just to be safe; although this is not necessary, it can help.

By purchasing a bed bug kit you can do the work of an exterminator for half the price and half the work. Our kits are very easy to use for beginners to experts and as long as you read the direction and use the product as recommended, your bed bug problem is as good as gone. At ePest we know how difficult and frustrating it is to be faced with a pest problem which is why we only provide the best quality products and services.  You can trust us for all of your bed bug needs.

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